I have leaves! About a month after planting a fresh crop of seed from one of my favorite small trees, Aesculus pavia , the Red Buckeye, I counted 7 new shoots.

The metal grids on top of my planters are to keep the squirrels out–of course. They are so active (make that destructive) this time of year.

The bowls and their baby plants will stay outside all winter. I have them in a protected place–against a retaining wall–that adds a little extra warmth and security.

Come spring, I’ll re-plant my buckeye forest into individual pots and share.

Red buckeye is a great small tree/big shrub for my wooded Wake County Garden. It’s tough, beautiful, and as you can see, easy from seed. You should grow that!

So what big success have you had from seed? Now that I’m rockin’ buckeyes, I can’t wait to try another tree.