I’ve been out of the garden way too long and it shows. I was getting crabby. So right after our (way too busy) Christmas, I took a walk around the paths and found that the new year had already arrived in our Wake County woods.


There’s always a rogue Early Sensation Daffodil that blooms before the others. It promises hundreds more ahead.


This little pink Camellia is bridging the gap between the fall bloomers and the japonicas of spring. The tag is long lost. I’ll have to ask my friends at Camellia Forest Nursery in Chapel Hill for an ID.


Also from Cam Forest, Prunus Mume in bud.


Many years ago, I started the Wintersweet with seed ordered from England (and I’m still bragging–sorry). This is a favorite fragrant plant. It seeds a lot, if you want one.


Our Grandmothers grew another fragrant beauty with a fitting name, Sweet Breath of Spring.


And Grandmas loved Quince. This is Texas Scarlett in bud.


Bear’s foot Hellebore is one of my favorite green blooms. These will hang around for MONTHS–no fooling–which is one of the coolest things about winter flowers–they last.

So what’s blooming in your garden. Get out there, find out and let us know.