First, a BIG thank you to all the wonderful local farmers markets that have cropped in recent years. Because of you, I don’t have to try grow everything anymore.

What a relief, because I’m really bad at growing several things:
Beets and carrots. (I hear they like sandy soil.)
My squash always get squash borers.
Peppers never get enough sun.
Beans don’t have enough space to make it worthwhile.
And heirloom tomatoes, frankly, hate me.

So while the catalog photos and descriptions are SO APPEALING, this year I’m using my garden space for what I do best.

Here’s the list which co-blogger Melissa and I worked out last weekend. (seed ordering takes time)


Hybrid Tomatoes: When buying for Wake County and the Southeast, look for plant descriptions that say “great disease resistance”. Our humid summers really take a toll on these plants. If “good for the Southeast” and “heat tolerant” appear in the description, all the better. And bunches of letters after the variety name, like VFFNTA are a great sign.

We’re ordering:
Bella Rossa
Big Beef
My favorite cherry, Sweet Chelsea
And Melissa’s favorite Red Jelly Bean

Summer herbs like basil and parsley are big winners. They’re easy to grow, don’t take a lot of space, but pay back with tons of flavor. You can grow these in pots.
Italian Basil
And a second variety
Italian parsley

Grow a veg you love–Cucumbers are mine. Look for AAS winners. Again, Southeast and disease resistant are keywords in the plant description.
I like Diva
And Capylso

And then there are the eggplants. They’re best when eaten within 24 hours of picking, so I will devote the space to growing my own, but always a compact variety. This year it’s Hansel.
Those are our summer garden seeds. What about you? What plants are you growing and eating in 2014?