It’s not a fancy greenhouse–but thanks to husband Bill, it does the job. Inside, lemon, lime, and kumquat trees are producing fruit. Penta, coleus and other tender plants are wintering over.

I could show you, but on cold days and nights, I’m not allowed to open the plastic shell that adds an extra layer of insulation.

Simple–but like the little greenhouse, it does the job.

Bill’s greenhouse heat source is simple, too: A pair of heat lamps and three aquariums heaters set in buckets of water. We monitor how well this system is working with the remote thermometer that sits on our bedroom dresser.


As you can see: 27 degrees outside, 69 F in the bedroom, 49 in the greenhouse with humidity in the 80s.

Good job, Bill. Needless to say, our fingers are crossed that the power stays on–

And yes, we ARE ready for spring.

So how is your garden coping with this record breaking winter?