Happy to say that seeds are once again germinating on our dining room table–a sure sign of spring.

Years ago, I invested in adjustable grow lights, and they have certainly paid for themselves in seedlings. My lights came from Park Seed.


But I would never use these pricey floressents without pulling out my inexpensive little fan. The moving air not only makes my seedlings sturdy and compact (as opposed to floppy and leggy), it prevents “damping off”, a condition that causes tender stems collapse. In my experience, if you have a seed table, you must have a fan blowing across.



Tool number 3 is also an adaptation. I bought two packs of foil trays in the catering section at Costco. They’re much sturdier than plastic plant trays and allow me to bottom water without leaks. Watering the surface can knock baby plants over, so I pour lukewarm water into the tray, let it sit about an hour and pour off excess.


Finally, a old plastic table cloth protects the dining room table. Mine came from the thrift store. You can also use plastic drop cloths from the paint store, or plastic sheets from the fabric store. Wrap them around your lights to store in the off season.

Any signs of spring around your place?