I think I’ve waited long enough. If it hasn’t pushed out new leaves by now in my Wake County NC garden, it’s not going to. That means it’s time cut back the deadwood on shrubs.


Don’t panic–there’s always some winter die-back in the garden. But, of course, this winter has been especially hard.

Here’s a short how-to video co-blogger Melissa made last week. (Do I really speak that slowly???)

So get inspired, get your pruners, and get out there. It’s time.

PS. Back in the 80s we had a very cold winter with a low temp of minus 9 (yikes!). Many plants including camellias died to the ground, but came back out from the roots. Your plants are tougher than you think.

PSS. This is a good time to make note of micro climates in your garden. For example, the Summer Sweet Shrub on the east side of the house was in leaf a full week and half before the one in the woods to the north. And have you ever noticed that plants by the street (asphalt) always come out first?