Spring has finally arrived and with that comes lots of chores in the garden.  One of the biggest is amending your soil in your garden beds. A major component of this mix is compost aka black gold–at least that is what I call it.  It is nutrient-rich and nourishes your plants so they will grow.

Here is a video of my first compost harvest of the season:

<I was actually shocked I was able to video and dig compost at the same time #madcameraskills>

I was so excited.  This amazing stuff came from my kitchen scraps.  It is true what they say,”One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

How to turn your scraps into black gold — compost? 5 Easy Steps

1)Get a compost bin for your kitchen.  I got mine from world market, but you can find them pretty much any where.

My big red compost bin for all my kitchen scraps.

My big red compost bin for all my kitchen scraps.

2)Start using your kitchen bin to collect your veggie peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and even paper towers. No MEAT, bones or oil.

3) Either create a pile or get one of the earth machines like mine (ironicly it isn’t a machine at all, just an aerated vessel with a sliding door).

4)Throughout the year just dump your scraps in your pile or bin.

5)Come spring time — Harvest and add to your soil.

It will save you some money too…I used to spend at least $40-$80 in compost when I had to buy it from the store. Now I just transform my scraps into compost. I use the extra cash to pay for my plant habit ;).

Happy Gardening!