One awesome thing I love about co-writer Chris’s garden is all her pathways.  She has a bigger backyard than I and some groovy woods, but you can have a path too.

Mulch pathway

My mini path – no more mud, nice garden layout feature

I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone with my path.  I had an area where nothing grew. Mostly due to my massive maple tree that sucked all the moisture out of the ground and flung its roots everywhere so no decent plant would live near it.

Large maple tree

Big Mama Maple


Maple Roots

Maple roots hog all the water in this area of my garden. Tripping hazard too.

That caused a major problem for me in that area when it rained, because I didn’t have anything to prevent erosion or the muddy mess that always ensued.

Since I already had my beds outlined with various wood borders, it made for a pre-made path. I decided to go with a Cypress mulch. It was a different color than the mulch in my beds and therefore showed a good contrast. I didn’t go with a rock or granite screening because the path leads into my grass and I didn’t want to be hurling fatal rocks with my mower.  Voila, easy path.  It leads from my back porch steps to the back yard.  It also leads to my hidden magic composter.

I do have to replenish the mulch once a year, but it gets less and less. I usually only have to add mulch for the high traffic areas.

Mulch Path

Path to the open back lawn.

So if you are looking for an easy path, consider mulch.

Happy Gardening!