Back when I had a big girl job, this rose bloomed in front of an architecture firm in downtown Durham.


For about 3 years, I lusted after its deep red color. Then one day, I went inside and asked if I could take cuttings.


Three years later, I’m happy to say I was back inside to tell the architects their cuttings were blooming at our mail box.

You may notice that my roses don’t look like the plants you see in beds at places like Duke Gardens. Have you ever noticed how those roses smell when you walk by? Like chemicals! Hybrid tea roses make beautiful long lasting flowers, but they’re disease prone in our humid weather.

Tidy gardeners dose them up weekly.

I grow a shrubs called “old roses” instead. I don’t use chemicals and the plants will look ratty later in the summer–

But in May they are in their prime.


And how do they smell? Like grandmas.

Everyone has a favorite rose. What’s yours???


This groovy sweet, pink china is mine.