Eat your heart out co-blogger Melissa (who declared that the tomato war was “ON” in her last post).


Well, your plants may be tall, but I have baby tomatoes–and lots of them.

Growing my plants in pots in the driveway–our sunniest spot–gives them a leg up. The roots warm up earlier, the white garage doors reflect light.


I do have to water almost every day when the weather is hot, but that’s OK. This little driveway veg garden pays me back in tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, herbs, leeks. New this year–corn.


Yea, corn. We may not get a large crop from these three plants growing in a barrel planter, but we’re enjoying them already.


I like the corn, announced my husband, an old Tennessee farm boy. It’s tasseling–a good sign.

So how does your garden grow?