This photo makes me feel absolutely RICH. Lined up in and around my little homemade cold frame turned screen frame are all the plants waiting for a place in the garden.

Why so many? Because heat is hard on flowers. Blooms come and go very quickly in the South.


For example: These larkspur and Dianthus will be in the compost pile in a week, leaving a big hole in the middle of my main flower garden.


There’s a tall Rudbeccia growing behind them, and an annual called Manaos Beauty in front, but those blooms are still many weeks away.

So some fast-growing seedlings from the screen frame will go into the hole. Flowering tobacco, and Celosia Flamingo Purple are two of my favorites.


I also like to use colorful foliage to keep the flower garden interesting between bursts of blooms. These are Chocolate Cherry Cannas.


Bengal Tiger Canna is another great favorite in my flower beds. Note the mix of perennials, annuals, vines (like this clematis) and shrubs in this photo. Layering keeps the garden interesting.


I use pots for color, too. I’m going to put a tall ever-blooming Penta in this container which is on a stand over the bloomed out Black Gamecock Iris.


I’ll post more photos as the garden evolves. And I’ll keep you posted on the plants in my screen frame.

Every garden needs a little nursery like this where plants can wait in in the wings.


This spot where I make and keep cuttings, tend biennials for next Spring and pot up plants to share in the Fall. It’s a happening place.


So what’s going on in your gardens???