I’ll admit nurseries do have a lot of splendid plants. And I’ve dropped a TON of cash in them over the years.

But the summer flowers I love the most are home grown. All came from seed I purchased years ago. All continue to reseed with abandon in my garden, so lucky me, I’m never without.


Woodland tobacco is at the top of the list. I love these upside down candelabras. Need I say that tobacco grows well in NC? Unlike the smoking cousin, these plants do well in part shade.


This purple plume celosia is another can’t-live-without plant. It’s tall, with colorful foliage, splendid for cutting and looks beautiful in a large summer/fall vase.


Tina James evening primrose opens fragrant lemon colored blossoms as the sun goes down. Can you say drama? Having this plant is like a having a slow-mo photography show right in your front yard. Kids and non-gardening neighbors are always amazed.

That’s my list. What about you? Any late summer flowers you can’t live without?