If you love to garden and love to travel, IRELAND should be near the top of your list.

The Wicklow Mountain region south of Dublin is called Ireland’s garden spot (with good reason). Powerscourt, the most visited garden in the country was voted number 3 on Nat. Geo’s list of the world’s top gardens.


It is a garden on a grand scale–think Downton Abby with a shovel–


Pebble paving, Italian terraces, lots of statues and fountains–

Mount Usher in the village of Ashford is very different.


A wild river garden that’s over a hundred years old, it’s all about layered plantings, meandering paths, and HUGE trees, from around the world.

Check out the steps that rise from the tree roots. You have to go though the two trunks to climb–


Yes–there is a traditional English style perennial border, but like so much of Mount Usher, it’s a surprise. You find it though a small arched opening in an enormous hedge wall.

I LOVE this garden!!