I do LOVE the turkey with all the traditional fixings, but I may be more excited about the daffodil bulbs now spread out on our dining room table than the upcoming feast.


For years, I have devoted the day after Thanksgiving to planting my spring blooming bulbs.

The timing is right. The soil must be cool for bulb planting in the South. And I always used to have the day after T’giving off when I worked my big girl job.

But blub planting on Black Friday works for me on a much deeper level. Like a lot of creative people, I struggle with balance. That means the holidays are a mine field.

Bulb planting grounds me (literally) on one the year’s craziest days. And it gets the job done before the busiest part of the season so my bulbs DON’T end up stuffed in the garage and forgotten until 2015.

This year, I’m planting two old favorites. Both February Gold and Ice Follies naturalize in my woods garden. That means their foliage has time to ripen and store energy for the next spring’s bloom before the trees leaf out.

Note that I’m planting them in large numbers. Bulbs are small, especially viewed from a window on a cold early March day.

Also note that until planting time, the bulbs are spread out in shallow boxes in a place that is not too hot or cold. Temperature and air circulation are very important when storing bulbs. Don’t worry– I’ll clear off the table before the feast, though.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Blub Planting! Enjoy!