Finally– this week brought some good weather to get out and clean-up in my (very) winter weary NC garden,
Here are some things that make it much easier to get the beds in shape.

1) A big pile of mulch. Yes, I own a pick-up for hauling mulch and other bulk stuff, but Spring is so short and busy, it’s impossible to get everything done. Driving and unloading take time. After years of never completing this job, I opted for delivery of 8 cubic yards.


2) And since this big pile of mulch has been sitting in our drive though rain, sleet and snow….the second thing you need in March is a patient partner, one who won’t mind too much when he/she can’t park in the garage through rain, sleet and snow. Or when dinner is late cause you’re out in the garden–or when you ask him to load the cart, etc.


3) It’s also wonderful to have a retractable rake. This is my most favorite tool! Pal Susan gave it to me for a b’day many years ago, and I still use it almost every day. The re-tracked version is great for getting around shrubs and plants. Spread out the tines to rake leaves and trash. One tool, never put it down. Brilliant.


4) Organic fertilizer is a March ritual at our house. Yes, you can go cheaper, but it’s your garden, your earth–I go for the good stuff. Don’t try to toss it out all in one day–spreading fertilizer properly takes time. I rake the bed, prune, move plants. Next, I spread the Planttone from my galvanized dish pan, rake in the soil and water. Mulch from the big pile goes on last. It’s pleasurable work. Don’t rush it. Make the most of your investment.


5) I always need tons of soil mix and recycled nursery pots this time of year. There are more baby plants to pot up than time to pot them. My kingdom for a staff–


6) Finally, in March, I always need a manicure in the worse way. But to a gardener, these hands are beautiful. It’s been a long time, Spring. Welcome back.


What’s going on in your gardens???