I am feeling the fever…the spring fever.  You?

Co-blogger Chris and I planted our annual tomato seed crop last Friday and BOOM, just like that things are popping.

Intense tomato seed sowing, this was before we broke out that wine ;)

Intense tomato seed sowing…this was before we broke out the wine 😉

One of our new test seeds, Tomato Berry, was the first to pop it’s lil sprout head.  I think it might give our fav Red Jelly Bean a run for its money this year.

Tomato Berry seeds first to sprout.

Tomato Berry seeds first to sprout. Dime inserted for size perspective.

Have no fear we planted some of our classics: Sweet Chelsea, Jelly Bean, Bella Rosa and a few others.


There is still time to get your tomato seeds started.  You will plant your seedlings after the chance of frost is over, around April 20 for us in NC. Here’s a seed starting how to video we did last year that still holds true.


Go ahead…get dirty!

Happy Gardening!