Isn’t that just how it happens…you give a plant to someone as a gift and then theirs rocks sooooo much better than yours.

Let me introduce to my dad’s badass Edgeworthia Chrysantha ‘Snow Cream’.


Every time I go to my parents house I turn green with envy.

It just rocks!

It’s in the perfect location. Dappled sunlight, slightly elevated for great drainage. It is definitely a show piece.  Luckly my dad is a humble dude.

I love this plant. It has this modern sculptural look in the winter after it drops its leaves.  It’s a little alien looking if you have never seen it before. And yes, the blossoms are upside down.  It is uber fragrant, almost overwhelmingly sweet.  It’s so interesting.


The best part…it starts the blooming process in the winter. That’s when I know spring is almost here.  It has these furry little buds that transform into this amazing bouquet of petite flowers. It’s originally from Japan, but it loves our climate here in NC.

If you are looking for something extraordinary, go for the Edgeworthia. Maybe yours can compete with my dad’s one day.

Happy Gardening!