I have to admit. Sometimes I don’t label.  And sometimes the weather washes out my labels.

If you have been gardening forever, you probably know these by heart, but for the rest of us….we need a little help.

So here it is…I asked co-blogger, Chris, Weed or Plant! Let’s see how she does.

Plant or Weed?


Plant — that’s a baby Helleborus. Save that girl…you can sell those for $6-$8 a piece.

Plant or Weed?


Weed! Pull that thing up!

Plant or Weed?


Weed. That is a wild grapevine and they will take over your yard.

Plant or Weed?


Both – That is some unknown thing mixed within your Bee Balm.

Plant or Weed?


Weed. I remember trying to make a crown with these in elementary school.

Plant or Weed?


Plant. That is a blue Salvia…one of my favs.

So there you have it….a fun game of Weed or Plant.

This is a lesson to me to better label and keep up with my plants…otherwise, I might pull one up by accident.

<Put on to do list, go out and label.>

Happy Gardening!