We are two inspired amateurs who believe that gardens should never be finished and the journey is most of the fun.  Melissa (right)  is just starting on that journey–remaking her first yard in Raleigh, North Carolina.  While lucky Chris (left)  has been building her nearby garden for more than 25 years. 

Both of us work.  Melissa has a demanding job as a marketing and social media specialist for a giant technical firm.   Chris recently retired after 30 years as a TV producer and now writes and edits video for various clients from home.  She also creates fabric collages and accessories from vintage and recycled materials.  View her work at www.kikisrewinddesigns.com
It is no surprise that many of her projects are garden themed. 
Despite coming from different generations, we are great friends and collaborators.  Or lives are richer, our gardens–better for it.  With this blog we hope to expand the circle, adding other like-minded gardeners who will share their experiences, ideas, and solutions.