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When I was growing up, parsley was the curly stuff that nice restaurants used as a garnish.  Everyone left it on the plate.  parsleycut

Then in the 80s, I started seeing Italian parsley listed in recipesThank goodness.  Italian  or flat leaf parsley is packed with sweet, fresh flavor.  These days, it is THE  garden crop I am never without.  parsley-tight

A true biennial, Italian parsley winters over in my Wake County garden.  I clip, wash, and chop green leaves  even on the coldest days–then put them in many of my favorite recipes–like this quick and easy go-to pasta from the food magazine, Cooking Light.



My Italian parsley crop is lovely now–but as the weather warms it will bloom, turn leggy and die.parsley_wide Don’t even try to save it.  That’s the life cycle of a biennial plant.   

So new parsley plants are the works under grow lights on our dinning room table.  This parsley is  easy from seed or transplant, and very rewarding.  In fact, if you have almost no garden space at all, I would tell you, find space for a few herbs (like my favorite–Italian Parsley). 

What herbs do you love and grow?

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