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This is the first year I tried to grow Kale.  I wrote about planting this fine Kale in my post: The Great Fall Garden Transformation, but little did I know what joy this wonder plant would give me.

Kale - Super Food, super easy to grow. You should grow that

Kale – Super Food, super easy to grow. You should grow that

There is a Kale craze sweeping the nation and for good reason.  This super food is packed with nutrition – some even call it a plant healer.

Consider all these amazing traits:

  • 9 essential amino acids needed to form the proteins within the human body—-histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine (not unlike how the protein in meat works)
  • 1 gram of fiber per serving
  • 3-1 carb-to-protein ratio — complex carbohydrate at that
  • 9 other non-essential amino acids—making a whopping 18 total
  • Omega 3 – although it is considered a fat-free food
  • Vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin (good for sunblock, eye sight), Vitamin C
  • Calcium – which is actually absorbed 25%  better than whole cow milk in kale form
  • And to balance all that calcium, it also contains magnesium to keep it in check
  • Anticancer compounds, such as sulforaphane and indole-3-carbino are packed in too
Picking Kale from my garden

Picking Kale from my garden

Kale is a part of the cabbage family but it is a little on the wild side.  Blog partner Chris, would love this description of Kale -the  “hippie” member of the cabbage family.

Growing it is super all you brown thumb nay-sayers...even you can do it. All you need is soil – in a bed or pot – fertilizer, a kale transplant (when putting them in the ground I prefer transplant to seed, but if you wanted to grow seeds inside and then transplant that would work). Some sunlight and water – I only watered the first day I planted – nature did the rest.  Voila – Rockin’ Kale.

By now you are on board and ready to dive into eating a “whole mess” of Kale – but how you wonder?

Here is an amazing “How To” video from one of my favorite organizations – America’s Test Kitchen.

Microwave Kale Chips

I made them for my Thanksgiving feast and what a hit. Light and airy, comparable to super bad potato chips. Yum!

Enjoy the recipe! Thanks so much for reading our blog.  On this day, I am thankful for all of you and my new love -Kale.

Happy Gardening & Kale Experimenting


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