Incredible Honeybees: Tiny but Mighty!

Just saw this article on Yahoo, which is an off shoot from the New York Times article. New reseach is saying the reason honeybees are dying is due to a combo fungus and virus that effects the bees’ digestive track.

A few years ago, I would probably not even stop to click on that story.  No offense to the bees? Just really didn’t understand the insects role. But today, I have a completely different perspective and interest.

Top 3 Benefits of Honeybees

1)Life–yep, without bees pollinating plants, no food for animals or humans–no food…well, you know what happens next.

2)No Honey–this has become one of my favorite all natural sweetners. It has lots of minerals and vitamins too.  I like mine with peanut butter.

3)Bee byproducts produce lip and skin balms, candles, molds for sculptures and/or blacksmithing techniques, cosmetics, dental floss and many more items we use everyday.

Let’s hope for our gardens and ultimately our life on Earth that this new research breakthrough will help scientist figure out how to stop the decline in honeybee pollution.

So if you want to help with the honeybee population, you can always become a apiary through the NC Extension program. Find more information here:

Happy Gardening.